Zhiyun Shares: Lithium Battery Or Low-speed Electric Vehicle Barriers, Watch Zhiyun Shares

Apr 20, 2016

Events: recent news, a national "low speed electric vehicle management policy in May, entered a period of public consultation on" low-speed electric vehicles market is expected to be full in the second half. According to experts familiar with, low-speed electric cars become a requirement is "lead-acid battery upgrade battery."
Low-speed electric vehicles high performance-price ratio, the market potential is huge. Low-speed electric vehicles are slower than 70km/h EV. Most mainstream low-speed electric vehicles sold range above 100km, power consumption per hundred kilometers is about 10 degrees, costs 250,000 yuan. Because of its low acquisition cost and cost, and battery life and speed can satisfy the daily transport needs in urban, semi-urban and rural areas has a great market demand. Ban introduced in 14 provinces and only low-speed electric vehicles under policy, 2015 600,000 cars in low-speed electric vehicles sales in China. Along with the introduction of national standards and policies, and low-speed electric vehicles sales are expected to be growth spurt.

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