World's First Mass Production Of Graphene Advent Battery Cannot Be Used For Electric Vehicles

Apr 20, 2016

South network (reporter Cha Jinzhong) Graphene is known as the "new King", is believed to have lead to a subversion of the world technological revolution, applied to battery materials is welcomed by all, but always without success. However, in today's opening of "Nanjing International exhibition on energy-saving and new-energy vehicles", from Zhejiang chaowei batteries have announced the first Graphene materials are used in the production of battery, which is the only company in the world. But reporters learned that this "Graphene battery" and cannot be applied to mainstream electric vehicles.
Super Group new energy General Manager Yang Fagen introduced AMD Group's global battery industry ranked third, reported sales of more than 60 billion yuan last year, listed in Hong Kong in 2010, with hundreds of national patents, ranking the comprehensive strength of China top 500 enterprises in 198th place. This is known as "the world's first" battery of Graphene was listed on February 29 this year, "lead-acid battery industry as a whole has an important milestone. ”

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