Technological Innovation, Ultra-Wei Battery To Take A New Milestone

Apr 15, 2017

Technological innovation, ultra-Wei battery to take a new milestone

Technological innovation has always been the prestige of the Group, is also the development of 

ultra-Granville forward momentum. Li Yichun, Deputy Secretary-General Li Liping, Secretary General

 of the graphene Standardization Committee Dai Shifeng, Deputy Director of the Alliance Industry 

Research Center, Hu Zhenpeng, went to the super-Wei Group to conduct research and visited the

echnology center and culture. Center, and the Group in the technical innovation made a series of

 results were affirmed and praised.

As we all know, graphene on the development of electric vehicle battery plays a decisive role.

 This time, the head of China's graphene industry to ultra-Granville Group research is not only 

a positive incentive for the development of enterprise technology, but also a kind of enterprise

 spur. As a practitioner in the field of new energy, the development of ultra-Wei battery

 continues to introduce new products, such as Jin Chaowei battery, silver alloy battery, ultra-Wei

 black gold battery and other excellent performance of the battery, for people to travel easily

 The Of course, the success of a series of achievements is not easy, super-Wei battery performance

 is behind the ultra-Wei industry-class innovation platform and a strong talent team, through

 continuous project development, ultra-Granville Group and the world's new energy technology with

 six well-known academicians And more than 20 experts and professors formed a close working

relationship, and also cultivate and the introduction of three "national plan" experts, it is a

 perfect intellectual security, only consumers of the quality of ultra-Wei battery trust.

Particularly interesting is that, as the ultra-Wei Group, the crystallization of graphene

 technology, ultra-Granville black gold has been a great concern. This new type of electric car

 battery since the market has experienced a rigorous test of the market and the repeated use of

 consumers, and ultimately received a consistent praise. Chaowei black gold battery can be widely

 used in electric bikes, electric two-wheelers, tricycles and other vehicles, consumers generally

 reflect the ultra-Wei black gold mileage, power performance, load capacity are very good, even

 in low temperature environment, Easy to ride, the normal use, will not happen drums and so on.


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