Ning Xi Class Maintenance-free Car Battery Maintenance

Apr 20, 2016

Many said a car battery maintenance-free batteries. Maintenance-free battery compared with conventional lead-acid batteries do not need to add any liquid, corrosion of the terminals, wire and body small, strong resistance to overcharge, the starting current, charge stored a long time. But "maintenance-free" doesn't mean that it does not require maintenance.
Long time vehicles, should remove the battery or disconnect the battery wires. Or once every 25 days or so to launch vehicles, speed run in about 20 minutes. Otherwise the vehicle long, it will be difficult to start. Battery use is deactivated, should be fully and regularly check the battery status, voltage is low, the supplement in a timely manner. Battery short circuit method cannot be used to test whether the battery has power. Certainly no metal tools and conducting close to the battery terminals to avoid metal objects have collided with the battery poles, arcing caused by short circuit, burn the battery and terminals. Battery vents not blocked, water sealed in winter to prevent ice or increased pressure inside the battery, the shell burst.

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