New Energy Power Equipment Review: Speed Of Electric Vehicles Is Expected To Regulate And Upgrade To Lithium Battery Or The Entry Threshold

Apr 20, 2016

Electric power equipment and new energy sectors remain numerous investment opportunities, continue to watch new energy car plate (ternary lithium industrial chain and post investment opportunities) focusing on energy investment opportunities, investment opportunities, the sale of electricity reform.
Investment highlights:
Market review: power equipment sector rose 3% last week, Shen Wan 28 per cent in 23rd place in the industry, runs to lose the gem 0.6% respectively, outperforming the CSI 300 index 0.3%. From a valuation perspective, electricity equipment valued at 48 times, equivalent to gem valuation 67%. Sub forum in the industrial automation, equipment top gainers were 5.2% and 3.9% respectively. Shenzhen Hui Cheng style, yaxing bus, stake, Jin Li hua and God-materials stocks gainers.

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