Low-speed Electric Vehicles, Or Become A Lead-acid Battery Upgrade Lithium Battery

Apr 20, 2016

OFweek lithium power recently reported "low-speed electric vehicle management policy in May and entered a period of public consultation", triggering the industry focus. Many involved in low-speed electric vehicles standards developed by industry experts and local government leaders said in an interview with reporters, could not confirm this, has not yet received information about low-speed electric vehicles policy notice. Study on formulation of management policies is ongoing but, led by the Ministry responsible.
According to experts familiar with, low-speed electric cars become a requirement is "lead-acid battery upgrade battery." In addition, administrative measures to reasonably classify the product in place, integrated vehicle management mode of enterprises and products, the difference of classification management, investment, access can be largely built on the management of passenger cars, or to put forward speed and mileage to double "70" technical conditions in the driving licence, licences and other traffic management right of way management can refer to low-speed trucks.

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