Hundred Group Officially Build The Cooperation With The World Leading Company Of Electronics Industries— General Electric Company(GE) In The Energy Storage Area

Jan 18, 2017

In January 2nd with the new signs of dawn of 2017,Chiwee has announced the notice, that they will officially build the cooperation with the World leading company of electronics industries— General Electric Company(GE) in the Energy storage area。The notice shows, Chilwee and GE will build a new company, the scope of business of the new company mainly involved the proprietary technology and the production, research, and sale of the storage product—Na-NiCl battery(Zebra Battery).The Zebra battery have the characteristic of Stable, Safe(nonflammable and non explosive),high energy density, and long cycle life. The cooperation of Chilwee and GE is a complementation of the advantage of two companies, which could provide a good plan for the development of the storage market of China and even the world.

Nowadays, there is great charge happening in the area of storage, especially in China, along with the deepen of the electric power system reform and the rise of the Energy Internet and the increasing  of contradiction between supply and demand of electricity, the problem of Abandon the Wind and light is more clearly, the storage area of Zebra battery is more and more important because of the application of Consumptive of the renewable energy, Distributed energy storage power station and Peak shaving. So to speak, the storage is the Indispensable role of future electric power system.

As one of the largest green energy solution provider,Chilwee group has put forward the ission and vision  of  "advocate green energy, make human life perfect" at the start-up period, and planning for two development path of "improve the power battery to the power system,and then to manufacture the pure electric vehicles, from the storage battery to storage system", the storage industry has been considered as the one of the key development direction. The GE company is regarded as one of the largest multinational companies to provide energy technology and serives in the world.

Chilwee group makes a wise choice to cooperate with GE company,it focus on the implementation of research and development,production and sales of the new type battery,to conserve energy in a environmental,efficient,cheaper way, and leading the industry market,it is the significant step to implement two strtegic path.

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