Automotive Battery Specifications

Feb 10, 2019

The rated voltage of a single lead-acid battery is 2V, the number of charge and discharge times is between 200-300 times, and the rated service life is 3 years. The lead-acid battery used in automobiles is 12V, which means that the battery used in the car is 6 single cells connected in series to form a battery pack, reaching a rated voltage of 12V. The car battery product label used in China is generally similar to "6-QAW-54a". 1). 6 meter batteries use 6 single cells, Q for car battery, M for motorcycle battery, D for electric vehicle battery, F for valve-controlled battery, JC for marine battery, HK for aviation battery . 2). A and W indicate the type of battery, A indicates the type of battery, and W indicates the maintenance-free battery. If it is not marked, it indicates a normal type battery. 3).54 indicates that the rated capacity of the battery is 54 Ah. 4). The corner mark a indicates the first improvement to the original product, if b indicates the second modified version, and so on. In addition, some batteries will also indicate the maximum current in the auxiliary brackets. Generally speaking, the starting current of the car needs to be more than 250A, so the rated current of the replaced battery must be greater than this value, otherwise there will be insufficient current to start the car.

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