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Take The Inspector To Our Factory To Inspect Customer Battery

Hundred Battery Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 07, 2018

Our customer aksed the batteries need to be tested,so we take the inspector to our factory;

The inspector took many photos of our batteries,weighting,measuring size,measuring voltage and capacity......

Spend three hours,the test was over and the batteries are good and the inspector said the batteries were ok,I will arrange the data and tro will send to our customer.

Good news,and I have sent emails to our customer and talked to the inspector,waiting for our customer to contact me and give me positive news.

We are the brand battery of the top in China,the quatity can guarantee,when the batteries are ok,we can take you to our factory to visit and have a look.

When you came to China,we will drive car to take you and treat you,then we can talk about the business with each other,thanks.


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