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Low-speed Electric Vehicles The Lithium-ion Battery And Dual 70 Standards Of Reasonableness Say NO

Hundred Battery Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Recently as long as is on electric standard of things must is fire, put national 80% above products playing into exceeded car of electric bike standard exists in name only, tie Shenzhen "power makes" launched of express tricycle speed 15km/h of standard was irony for "also Miss tree lazy Mr", then speed electric management approach is developed: lithium battery, and double 70 or into access threshold a paper revealed out speed electric of standard is developed in the. For the industry and consumers, and no standards no, unreasonable standards, is not applicable, can cause great damage.
We turn first to the above messages arising from the news: according to experts familiar with, low-speed electric cars become a requirement is "lead-acid battery upgrade battery." New energy automobile industry experts during the first electric network reporters, both from the national strategic level, or from the products in terms of technology upgrades, economic, security, upgrade lithium is necessary and reasonable. From the angle of technology upgrades, lithium batteries with high energy density, long life, environmental protection and other advantages, with further development of battery industry, will have to replace lead-acid batteries, which are industry trends; in terms of the economy, from the entire battery life cycle, lithium-ion batteries last longer, the average cost is not much higher than lead-acid batteries.