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Chilwee Group (Briefly named Chilwee" hereinafter) was established in 1998, and headquarter is located in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China. Chilwee is the industry's leading company who are engaged in researching&developing, manufacturing and sales of new energy motive power batteries and energy storage solutions. Chilwee was listed on the main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 2010, and is now one of the 500 largest enterprises in China. Chilwee is also a National Key High-Tech Enterprise, and we have been successfully awarded as the "Top 50 Comprehensive Competitiveness in Private Enterprises in China" and ranked No.1. Chilwee has 18 Subsidiaries in 7 Provinces in China, including 9 of these companies are National High-Tech Enterprises. The number of staff is over 22000 up to date.

*Manufacturing bases in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Henan Province, Jiangxi Province, Shandong Province, Hebei Province, Anhui Province.    
Chilwee has invested a huge number of fund on technology innovation, production equipment innovation, environmental protection equipment innovation, and Chilwee was one of the first batch of battery manufacturers who had been passed the national environmental protection inspection in 2011.


The product portfolio of Chilwee covers motive power batteries and energy storage batteries including electric bicycle/tricycle batteries, electric vehicles batteries and solar/wind power energy storage batteries with the technologies of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Gel type and Lithium Ion Type. Chilwee is also developing Automobile Start-Stop batteries through the cooperation with the industry-leading company, Moll Batteries, Germany. Additionally, Chilwee is also developing many new technologies, i.e. super capacitor, lead carbon batteries, etc

Market Performance

In recent years, Chilwee has been keeping a rapid growth. In 2013, the total sale revenue has broken through 50 Billion CNY, and the annual rate of growth has reached 48.5%. Now Chilwee is the largest company in battery industry in China, and is No. 4 in the World. Chilwee's products have already been distributed all over China and have also exported to overseas markets including Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, etc    

Research&Development Capability

Innovation is always the genes of Chilwee Culture. Since the establishment of Chilwee, we have been loyally initiating and implementing the orientation and mission of "Green energy perfecting human life".Chilwee has been insisting on a development path of technology innovation and development, and have been paid a lot of attention on building of scientific research platform and an efficient scientific and technological talents group. Chilwee has established National Post-Doctor Scientific Research Workstation, National Key Laboratory, Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute, and Provincial High&New Technology Development Center, and Chilwee also strengthen the development progress of another three National Scientific Research institutions, i.e    National Enterprise Technology Center, National Enterprise Key Laboratory, and Environment Protection Engineering Technology Research Center. Currently, Chilwee scientific research institutions have already had 1850 sets advanced equipment and devices including XRD Diffractometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, Direct Reading Spectrometer, and Laser Particle Analyzer, etc

Till September of 2014, Chilwee possesses 678 authorized patents, including 49 invention patents, 475 utility patents and 154 appearance patents, and 2 of them have been awarded as“National Patent Excellent Medal Chilwee has also participated drawing up and establishment of 28 National and Industrial standards. Chilwee independently researched and developed battery non-Cadmium container formation technology which is in the leading position in the industry in China. This technology helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and non-discharge of waste water. It has already been listed in“National Torch Program”,and it has also been awarded“UN International Green Environment Protection Award."

Technology condenses strengthen, and talents defines the future. Chilwee devotes itself to be a great enterprise    in new energy industry in the world,so Chilwee has always been focusing on implementing talents and    technologies internationalization strategy. Chilwee has hired 6 experts and academicians on new energy field    from the China Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Bulgaria Academy of Sciences, and has also hired 4 professors (experts) from universities and institutions in US, UK, Germany and Japan. Chilwee has already had 288 high level talents including some of them from“National Thousands Talents Program”and overseas returnee talents. Chilwee has also jointly established“Chilwee Electrochemistry Master Program”with Harbin Institute of Technology for providing talents for the industry in the future.


Chilwee is the vice chairman of China Battery Industry Association,executive member of China Association of Enterprises, executive member of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association vice chairman of China Chemical and Physical Power Source Association,vice director member of storage battery committee of China Electrical Technology Association,vice chairman of lead acid storage battery committee of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association,vice director member of National Lead Acid Storage Battery Standardized Committee, etc
   In 2005, Chilwee has been awarded as“China Top 100 Potential Enterprises”by Forbes;
   In 2009, the leader of China's Battery Industry in the world’s environmental and new energy industry; In 2009, top 100 China's influence in the world’s environmental and new energy industry;
   In 2010,UN International Green Environment Protection Award;
   In 2012,Chilwee has been awarded as“Global Leader in Battery Industry Award”    “Excellent Innovation Award”,and“Excellent in Growth Award”by Frost&Sullivan,an international recognized rating agency;
   In 2012,Top 50 in China's Private Enterprises,and ranked No.1
   In 2013,Top 500 in China's Eneterprises,and ranked No.300
   In 2014,Top 500 in China's Enterprises,and ranked No.215

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